Go into some text box anywhere on a computer and type some stuff and then press Ctrl-Backspace. It deletes the entire previous word! This is much faster than repeatedly pressing backspace or holding it down when making corrections.

Now try Ctrl + left/right arrow keys. This moves the cursor one whole word at a time in any direction. If you hold SHIFT while doing this, it will highlight the words. Once something is highlighted, you can just type a replacement, or you can change the size or font or anything. It’s really nice to do this on the keyboard without reaching for the mouse because keyboards are more expressive than mice, and faster.

Here’s a whole list of similar text-editing shortcuts:

Effect Windows/Linux macOS
Delete previous entire word Ctrl-Backspace Option-Delete
Delete next entire word Ctrl-Delete Function-Delete
Move cursor to previous or next word Ctrl-LEFT, Ctrl-RIGHT Option-LEFT, Option-RIGHT
Move cursor to beginning of line Home Ctrl-A
Move cursor to end of line End Ctrl-E
Move cursor to beginning of document Ctrl-Home Command-Up
Move cursor to end of document Ctrl-End Command-Down

Enjoy that new superpower!

If you work with text a whole lot and want to heavily invest in borderline magical ways of editing text, check out the power-house text editors vim and emacs.